Best Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Adonis Golden Ratio Review

adonis golden ratio review


Adonis Golden Ratio System

The Adonis Golden Ratio Review will show you how important achieving the Golden Ratio from the famous mathematical equation, to your own body for health and exceptional attractiveness, Not only on the physical level but even to the subconscious level.
The Adonis Golden Ratio System is based on the Golden Ratio equation that is found in the most beautiful and symmetrical things in nature. The Golden Ratio can be identified by the Greek letter “phi,” and is widely used in sculpting, particularly designing the perfect body for a sculpture. It is also a big part of art, architecture as well as system designing.
The Golden Ratio Number is approximately 1 to 1.618 (also referred to as the Fibonacci sequence that you see in a perfect sea shell or nautilus). You can see the golden ratio in your own body as the proportionate (aesthetically pleasing) distance relationship between your eyes.
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You can see what the Adonis Golden Ratio review is showing you when you look at the distance between your eyes and chin, hands and forearm, shin and feet, and particularly the waist to hip ratio. Those are not only a good indicator of health and longevity, but also the most natural pleasing that shape is to the human eye, particularly those that desire your proportions. It is naturally pleasing to the subconscious of other people who see you when you pass by.
The golden ratio relationship is something that professional bodybuilders, models and self improvement gurus strive for.  There is a body sculpting system that teaches you how to achieve that ultra healthy and attractive golden ratio in your own body called the Adonis Golden Ratio System. And that is exactly what the Adonis Golden Ratio Review is about. 
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Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator

The Adonis Golden Ratio Calculator is a simple system where you divide one body part's measurements against another, and test it against the Golden Ratio of 1.6 more or less. You then use a nutrition and movement program that guides you to move to that desired Adonis Ratio. The biggest and most common measurement to start with is your chest to waist ratio. 
Divide your waist measurement by your chest and check the results.  For example, if your chest is 48 inches and your waist is 30 inches, you would already be pretty close. Thirty divided by 48 equals 1.6. A slight increase in chest diameter or decrease in waist circumference puts you there.
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With this Adonis Golden Ratio Review Calculator measurement you can see exactly where you need to concentrate and get results from. Start out by comparing your hip to waist measurement to see if you have the perfect Adonis Body Type now, or are in the ballpark.
John Romaniello states the ideal waist to hip proportion for men is .95, with the waist slightly smaller than the hips. Determine your number by dividing your waist size into your hip size. Dr. Mehmet Oz is a bit more generous in his measurements, saying that a 1 to 1 ratio is a good measurement and proportion for men.
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Adonis Golden Ratio Index 

The Adonis Golden Ratio Index System was designed by John Barban. It's an easy to follow 12 week body restructuring program that's designed to quickly add muscle and lose fat, particularly abdominal fat. It can not only improve your health drastically (prevent diabetes, arthritis, heart conditions, cancers) but it can also improve your social life and how people respond to you on the job.
Your body proportions are the first thing anyone notices as you come into their view. It can either make them instantly aroused and want to know more about you, and you will be seen as the better candidate, athlete, partner, even without even knowing you. That's what makes the Adonis Golden Ratio review so impelling, is because makes you even more desirable and attractive than every before!
First impressions are the most important, as they will determine if you have other ones as well. You also feel better when you know you look highly attractive and healthy. People seek your advice and want to be near you. It part of the normal human subconscious that things pleasing to the eye are things you want to have around you. 
This Adonis Golden Ratio review program takes this into account and puts you on the path for that Body of Art, Built by Science, and Admired by All! It is for both men and women who want that perfect symmetrical body that is often depicted in art (like the famous Mona Lisa painting) and highly sought after by modeling agencies and advertisers. 

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Adonis Golden Ratio Reviews

There are many Adonis Golden Ratio Reviews and Testimonials on the system that you can see anytime. It is one of the best natural body sculpting, lean muscle creating, and fat loss systems you'll ever find. And it works like gangbusters too.
It combines specific dietary combinations with specific movement or exercise guides to get you exactly to the Adonis level of physique, health and attractiveness. Get better results that you could have ever dreamed of in a short amount of time. Start getting the breaks, looks, promotions and love you deserve. Start your Adonis Golden Ratio review now and never look back!
adonis golden ratio review

How to Buy The Adonis Golden Ratio System?

You can buy the Adonis Golden Ratio System by clicking here. To see the live instructional videos, software and measurement guides below and see the video demonstration, just click on the program guide boxes below. It gives you the right foods to eat, the right exercises and stretches to do so you can lengthen the areas you need to and contract the right areas for that perfect symmetrical shape.
Start now and you will see the new you staring back into the mirror with the smile you deserve, and then go out and share your newly accomplished proportions with those all around you. You earned it, you deserve it. Get started today and you'll be the next person showing off your perfect symmetrical results and giving your own Adonis Golden Ratio review!
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